Introduction is a web application designed, built, run and mantained by myself, and I'm not a web developer... So there are things to improve everywhere, but I wanted to know it was possible. Here I will give you an overview of the architecture implemented, which technologies have been used and what's the data flow. I won't provide the low-level detail, but you should be able to get a clear picture about how it works.


Below diagram shows the jardiNet architecture, from internet user, through the web site provider that hosts to the database server que collects nodes data:

Most complex part to me has been the programming, as I think that javascript code and especially the D3 graphic library need a long learning period, anyway as soon you understand what you're doing it looks simple. In contrast all server code is python v3 and it has been easy, in fact just few lines are enough to get all functionality desired. Arduino programming is also easy and there are lots of examples available.

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